Unfulfilled in your career?

You are not alone in feeling unfulfilled in your career. Unfortunately many of today’s workers are unsatisfied and unfulfilled in their current careers. The good news is that most of today’s organizations are being forced to develop new policies and programs that will bridge the gap between organizational performance and personal satisfaction.

If you are one of those unfulfilled, career experts encourage you to start identifying and evaluating all of your potential career options. This includes both corporate and alternative options. Then vet out for yourself on paper the pros and cons of each career option and be sure to reality test your perceptions by identifying and challenging any assumptions you may be making.

Think of industries that you may enjoy learning more about. Look at your outside hobbies and interests and see whether they have any connection to specific industries that you might consider. Create a short list of 5-10 companies that match these interests. Networking and speak to people within these companies. Your goal is to assess the company’s culture and evaluate how it fits with your own interests and work style.


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