The importance of an online presence in your job search…

When you’re conducting a job search, you need to make it easy for recruiters and hiring managers to find you online. Why? In today’s competitive job market, recruiters and employers often seek passive candidates because they are being inundated with resumes the minute they post a new job opportunity. Just to be clear, passive candidates are those that aren’t necessarily looking for work, but who may be interested if the right job comes along. Passive candidates usually are already actively working.

Anyone who is currently searching for a new job or that doesn’t want to miss out on an excellent opportunity should make sure their professional credentials are readily accessible online. Employers and recruiters are constantly mining the Internet to find the best people to hire, regardless of whether the candidate has expressed interest in their company, or not.

In addition, recruiters and Human Resource managers, are adding their own profiles to sites like LinkedIn, and making connections with potential candidates for employment. So make sure you have your profile filled out and available on LinkedIn and start networking with the people who can land you a job faster.


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