Sales Resumes

One thing I know how to do is write a dynamic and effectual sales resume.  If you want to convey that you are professional and persuasive, your resume has to be a reflection of that. This is your sales introduction, after all.  A cold call.  You need to show that you are versatile, coachable, and results-oriented.  You need to show that you are personable and capable of building profitable relationships. All that in a 2-page resume!

Sales managers typically only want to know a few things when they review a resume for the first time. They want to know:

*  What have you sold?
*  Who were you selling to?
*  What was your territory?
*  Did you have quotas?
*  Did you hit those quotas?

    You need to address those questions first and foremost.

    They key to a great sales resume is in the numbers. Sales managers love to see statistics and quantifiable accomplishments.  In the Experience section of your sales resume, it’s important to show a successful track record of sales achievements.  It’s equally as important to address your previous responsibilities such as territory, budget, number of clients, etc.

    Here are some other things to highlight when writing a sales resume:

    *  Consistency meeting or exceeding quotas
    *  Awards or honors earned
    *  Salvage of any accounts that were previously languishing
    *  Role in product development or new product launch
    *  Handling objections and closing tough sales
    *  Sales training programs you participated in
    *  Relationships with vendors or suppliers
    *  Contract negotiations that resulted in positive business

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        Thank You, JH for such an awesome!!! Resume/cover letter. Prompt response and turnaround, great quality of work. Will recommend your service.
        Nannette C. Customer Service Manager, Lawrenceville, GA

        JR: Wow!! I didn't think I was that impressive......I'd hire me!!! Thank you so much. I can't tell you how long I have stressed over the formatting of this resume, and you have done it in only a couple of days. I have been to resume writing classes and they all seem to tell you something different. I just wasn't sure which way to put it all together, but you have cut to the chase and streamlined it so well. Yes I will recommend you to others and I appreciate your offer for the interview help. Thanks again! ***When asked how she heard about Pro Resume Builder*** All I did was google search and went down the list. You were reasonably priced, some places were charging $300 to $700 and more. I think this is outrageous, especially since so many people are out of work. Price gouging is all it is. P.S. I have an interview this afternoon....... Thanks again!!
        Donna Dudley – Canton, OH , Inventory Control Specialist