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Writing a resume at the executive level takes a lot of finesse. The more management experience you have, the more you have to talk about. The hardest part about writing a management resume is then knowing when to quit. After all, you don’t want to intimidate a the reader by giving them a novel to read. Instead, you only want to highlight your most relevant and notable managerial achievements, leaving out the moot details (which can be addressed later in the interview if need be).

Here are some important things to emphasize when writing a management resume:

*  How many people have you managed?
*  Have you hired and trained your own employees?
*  Have you overseen budgets?
*  Have you achieved sales or operational quotas and benchmarks?
*  What kind of management style do you have?

Another crucial piece of advice for writing a management resume is this:   Focus on the employers needs, not your own. Relate your previous experiences in a way that exemplifies your versatility and commitment to the bottom line. Show value. You’re a manager, right? What would you want to see in a good resume. If you have hired people in the past, think about those experiences and put yourself in the shoes of the person who will be reading your resume. What do you think they would want to see?

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    Hi JRH, Thanks so much! The resume and cover letter look great! I really appreciate how quickly you got this back to me as well! If I know anyone in need of your services in the future, I will certainly tell them to give you a shout! Thanks again!
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