Executive Resume Help

Executive Resume Help

There are distinct differences between conventional, professional, and executive resumes. An executive resume comes with certain specific challenges. After all, companies usually only hire a new executive when they have a compelling business need. So your resume has to reflect to recruiters, C-Level executives, or board members who may review your resume that you can address that need.

  • Can you increase brand awareness for the company?
  • Can you hire, manage, and mentor an effective team?
  • Can you help to transform the company’s financial situation?
  • Do you have the skills to capitalize on new business opportunities?

In short, what’s in it for them if they hire you?

Accomplishments and quantifiable achievements are usually the center point of a conventional resume. And although they are a cornerstone of a successful executive resume, you also need to convey your intangible qualities. In a concise and straightforward format, you need to show that you are capable of leading a team of employees while driving profits and promoting company growth.

Therein lies the art…

So if you would like executive resume help – if you would like to make your professional resume more presentable and by extension make yourself more marketable – then please send me your info or request a Resume Building Questionnaire for a FREE RESUME CONSULTATION.

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  • Testimonials

    Thank you JR. It looks great! Sounds as if you were there on the jobs with me!
    Robin A – Fair Oaks, CA, Human Resources Manager

    You are absolutely amazing. I cannot believe that you created that from the mess I sent you. I will be contacting my former co-workers tomorrow and highly recommending your service. Thank you so very much. I feel more positive now than I have in several days.
    Tammie M – Dallas, TX, Client Services Representative

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