Thank You Letters

It’s proper business etiquette to send a hiring manager a “Thank You” Letter after an interview. It’s polite.  It’s the courteous thing to do.  You want to thank them for their time and for the info they provided while simultaneously reaffirming your interest in the position.  A good Thank You Letter should be short and sweet.  It should recap your skills, qualifications, and past achievements without sounding redundant.

Therein lies the art…

If possible, it’s always nice to add value by including a little blurb from the actual interview, like “I was impressed with what you had to say about the corporate environment”, etc.  But falling short of that it’s definitely preferable to have a “template” Thank You Letter you can send to any hiring manager after you’ve spoken with them.  After all, follow-up is very important to a lot of hiring authorities.

For a very minimal fee, I can provide you with a “template” Thank You Letter which can be used in almost any circumstance.  The template letter I’ll write for you will speak briefly about your most notable accomplishments and leave room for you to add any other interview-specific info you choose to.

Please let me know if I can help you craft a thoughtful and effective Thank You Letter.

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  • Testimonials

    Wow!! Thank you, Mr. Hindman! My resume looks amazing! It's clear, concise and attractively presented. It is 1000% better than the rambling, disorganized resume I had spent hours trying to write. I already feel more confident in my job search. Now the rest is up to me. Thank you so much!!
    Wednesday H – Bumpass, VA , Medical Receptionist

    Thank you so much! I’m good at what I do and resume writing isn’t it. No way I could have condensed my life’s work into the polished, professional, and engaging documents you produced. Your as-advertised turnaround time is awesome and I’m extremely pleased with the products. I now feel like I have the professional tools I needed to pursue my continued career. I'm very happy I found your website!
    Brenda C - Tempe, AZ, Programmer Analyst

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