Federal Resume Help

Federal Resume Help

A “federal” resume to apply for a job in the US government will look very different than a “professional” resume to target jobs in the private sector. Their standards are much higher, and a federal resume is much more comprehensive than a pro resume. For instance, you need to include detailed information such as your salary and rank (if applicable), and you will need to put all that info into a very specific format. Do you know how to do that? Are you willing to bet your career on it? If not, you should definitely seek out some federal resume help, and trust a professional to do it for you!

Professional Federal Resume Writing Services

Federal Resume Help

My professional federal resume writing services include a free initial consultation whereby I will assess your needs and make some suggestions on how to proceed. If you are pursuing a career in the US government then you will almost definitely require a federal format resume, and we will need to make sure I have all of your pertinent information.

Then once I’ve collected all the info I need I will get started on your new resume ASAP, and I can typically have everything back to you within 24-48 hours.

I have worked with all levels of federal employees including Wage Grade (WG), General Schedule (GS), and Senior Executive Service (SES) candidates. The resumes I write are all designed to showcase your most marketable professional qualities, while also complying with the resume standards and guidelines on USAJOBS.GOV.

USAJOBS Resume Help

The US government places most of their federal job openings on USAJOBS.GOV, whether they are very low-level positions or they are executive jobs. And these openings often attract a surplus of qualified candidates, so it’s a good idea to seek out USAJOBS resume help if your goal is to stand out amongst the competition.

USAJOBS.GOV also utilizes a very complex and sophisticated application system, one that draws from information found in your resume to answer specific questions and determine if you are qualified for a certain position. So if your resume isn’t formatted correctly it could be working against you, and a simple mistake can be a big deal. Qualified candidates are often overlooked because their resumes aren’t properly formatted, and that’s why it’s a good idea to find a skilled writer to provide you with USAJOBS resume help.

If you are interested in Federal Resume Help then get started today ad send me your info for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Let’s put you on the path to success!

Or click here for more information on Federal Resume Pricing

  • Testimonials

    Thanks. Both look great. It's so nice to be able to just get them out without any further effort! I spend way too much time thinking about stuff like this. I like the format you used. I really think I'll be offered at least 2 of the 4 jobs I'm applying for! I'm happy to recommend you to friends.
    Kathy A – Cincinnati, OH , Intervention Specialist

    Thank You, JH for such an awesome!!! Resume/cover letter. Prompt response and turnaround, great quality of work. Will recommend your service.
    Nannette C. Customer Service Manager, Lawrenceville, GA

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