Leg up in a competitive job market…

Despite the crowded job market, many professionals are landing new, rewarding positions. How do they do it? By taking a strategic approach to job hunting, keeping up a positive, confident attitude and using competition to bolster their efforts. This last point is most important since job competition is relatively high right now. The thing is, most job hunters cower in the face of opposition. They feel disheartened and intimidated by the number of people looking for employment. They don’t realize they can use competition to their advantage.

If this idea is foreign to you, it might be time to change your job-search tactics. Start by evaluating your competition. How do most people seek out new employment? How do they contact new companies? Figure it out. Then, run your job hunt another way. Many job seekers are still taking the easy, passive method of job seeking. It doesn’t take much effort, so everyone does it. Competition is steep.

This is good news for savvy job seekers. With so many candidates pooled in one place, other opportunities fly open. For instance, there is no competition – zero – when you contact a company before they announce new positions to the public. You immediately stand out from the competition by sending your initial correspondence. You will blow away other candidates by researching the company and then providing a point-by-point explanation of how you will benefit the business.


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