Focused Resumes = Effective Resumes

Focus, focus, focus!

I have a lot of clients who want me to write them more of a “generic” resume so they can send it out to many different employers in many different industries. Although I can do this and have developed a good method for doing so, I still do not think this is the way to go…ever!

If you can, I always recommend tailoring your resume for each individual position you apply for. It’s much more professional and shows the hiring manager that’s you’re not scattered and desperate, but centered and driven.

However, if that’s just not feasible, at the very least I would suggest targeting a specific kind of position within a specific industry. Try to narrow it down as much as you can without limiting yourself.

My reasons for saying this are as follows: an unfocused resume sends a very clear message that you are unfocused about your career. And a hiring authority doesn’t want to see that. They want to see that you have career goals and that those aspirations correspond with their needs as an employer.

Even the slightest alterations to your resume, when you have a specific job in mind, can go a long way. It’s all a matter of focus!


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