Cut to the Chase When Writing Your Resume!

Straight to Your Experiences…

I can’t tell you how many resumes I’ve seen over the years where I had to read a page and a half of nonsense before I got to the “meat” of it. This goes along with my theory that you don’t want to give a hiring manager a novel to read, you want to make it as easy on them as possible to get the information they are seeking.

So don’t waste time…get to the good stuff. Keep in mind that a hiring manager has specific questions in mind when they review a resume and they expect specific answers. One of the most important questions they are asking is: “Who has this person worked for in the past?”

For this reason, I always suggest that serious job seekers highlight their experiences first and foremost. Right below your one-sentence Objective Statement you should segue into and Experience section. In this section you should list your past employers, the years you worked for them, your job titles, and a brief description of your duties there.

I find that most people will benefit from a chronologically formatted resume because it shows that they have nothing to hide and employers like that. I also prefer chronological to functional because you can talk in more detail about your individual jobs, how they varied, and the specific accomplishment you’ve had. This is in contrast to being generalized and seemingly superficial about your skills and achievements.


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    Dear JR, I would like to thank you for writing my resume, cover letter and thank you letter. I appreciate your hard work, time and ability to sort through all of my answers to create a well written, cohesive and professional resume that I am confident to send out. Thank you very much
    Amie K – Newtown, PA , Flight Attendant

    Returning to a previous career is hard enough, but trying to put together a resume to try and get interviews to return to that career is even harder. I never could've done this on my own. I am so pleased with the resume, cover letter and thank you letter. Your response time is exemplary and the price is just right! Thanks again JR for everything and I will give you the highest recommendation to all I know that need this service. I will be purchasing your interview guide shortly!
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