Conduct a confidential job search…

As economic conditions improve, you might be looking for a better job soon. However, you can’t just forget about the job you have or let your employer know you are planning to leave. Finding a better job while staying financially stable requires you to conduct your job hunt in secret. Here are two hot tips to help you keep your job search confidential.

1) Online job banks and resume sending services make it easy to distribute your resume out to 100’s of employers with just 1-click. When deciding on which service to use, choose one with a confidentiality feature to assure your information is kept private. 2) Choosing to conduct your job search at work is a very dangerous game. To keep your job search a secret and to keep your current job, you must keep the job search out of the office.

The job search is always a risky game. It’s nice to feel secure financially as you spend time searching for that dream job. It relieves a lot of the stress associated with a search. To keep that stress level low, make sure that you’re conducting a confidential job search.


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    Thank you sir, I appreciate your help and I will be recommending your service to other consultant colleagues of mine.
    Robert C – Mooresville, NC, SAP Technology Consultant

    Wow! That’s ME???? I’m glad you can do this stuff. I could have tried for another 10 years and not come up with this! :) I am pleased. I will be more than happy to refer you to others. And please use this response if needed for other potential clients. Thank you!
    Donna B – Mebane, NC, Technical Writer/Editor

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