4 Things a Hiring Manager is Looking For in a Resume

Vital questions that need answers..

Generally, hiring managers only spend around 15 seconds perusing over a resume and they are really only looking for a couple of things. They want to know:

1) Who have you worked for?

2) Have you had steady employment?

3) What notable achievements and recognitions have you had throughout your career?

4) What do you have to offer which will meet with their specific needs?

An effective resume will answer those questions with a minimal amount of effort and, as with any effective marketing tool, it will also leave the reader wanting to know more. That’s when they pick up the phone and call you for an interview!

Of course, there are other things hiring authorities are considering when they look at a resume, but these are fairly universal and comprehensive questions. A hiring manager may be worried about the amount of training that will be necessary, for instance, but that can typically be answered through your resume as well. If not then, it can be explored in more detail throughout the interview process.

You should keep these questions in the front of your mind when you’re writing your resume. Make it as easy on the hiring manager as possible. Give them the answers to these questions first and foremost and you can’t go wrong!


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